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Trailblazer Program

Are you a mobile food vendor interested in being part of the NomNomVroom App Trailblazer Program

Do you consider yourself an influencer in your area for the mobile food community?  Are you always looking for unique ways to grow your brand and business?


Does your business serve communities within 50 miles of the following cities?

Portland (OR)

Denver (CO)

Orlando (FL)

Philadelphia (PA)

Indianapolis (IN)

Houston (TX)

Austin (TX)

Dallas (TX)

Los Angeles (CA)

New York City (NY)

Nashville (TN)

Raleigh (NC)

Charlotte (NC)

Atlanta (GA)

Miami (FL)

St. Louis (MO)

Chicago (IL)

Phoenix (AZ)

Columbus (OH)

Minneapolis (MN)

Seattle (WA)

And if you think your business would be an asset to the NomNomVroom Trailblazer Program, but you serve communities OUTSIDE of these areas, you are welcomed to fill out the application, and choose 'other', as we are always reaching out to new areas for ambassadors.   

The Trailblazer Program is a [SIX-MONTH] commitment to growing the NomNomVroom App Brand.  A few handpicked vendors, in select areas, will be given SIX MONTHS free all-access membership to the NomNomVroom App.  Depending on the success of the program, vendors may be contacted to extend their commitment term.

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NomNomVroom App Features and Benefits

As a Trailblazer, you will receive a Marketing Toolbox, which includes giveaway cards and other goodies, but most importantly you will receive a QR code sticker to affix to your mobile location - this will be your most powerful tool in customer retention. 
Apply Here
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Thanks for applying!
We’ll get back to you soon.

  1. Post a link to the to your social media bio. (Facebook, Instagram and any other platform you advertise)

  2. Place a QR code sticker in an easily accessible location (order window, pickup window, etc) for your customers to scan and download the app.

  3. Mention the NomNomVroom App at least once a week on your social media. [Remember, the more often the better.  The goal is to get them using the app, as it’ll make finding you that much easier]

  4. Word-of-mouth – Share the App with your peers.  Remember, when other vendors are utilizing the app, their customers are also your customers!!  There is an easy-to-use share link within the app.  Use it, share it!!

  5. Have fun with it!!  If you need anything from us, REACH OUT!  We created this App with businesses like you in mind, we’re here to see you all succeed!

Program Requirements

Apply for the Trailblazer Program
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